Minutes of Meeting - 2018 AGM


1.  The Secretary (Roy Bright) opened the meeting at 0904hrs with 22 members present (Including 6 committee members). One apology received from John Grist.


2.    Minutes and Matters Arising 2017. A précised version of last year’s minutes were verbally presented by the Secretary which was agreed by all present with no matters arising.


3.    Captains Report. The outgoing Captain (Roger Butler) thanked all players who had taken part in inter-club matches and stated that the results recorded in the matches was generally pleasing. In his period as Captain, almost two years, there had been some trying times and admitted to the fact that rising costs of meals and travel along with inflexibility of dress standards had led to diminishing numbers of players who were prepared to play in matches. He went on to thank his Vice Captain (Dave Allen) for his considerable support and to wish him well in his term as Captain.


4.    Treasurers Report. The figures of the Financial Report were discussed and are attached to these minutes. There were no questions from the membership. Thanks were offered to all who helped and supported the Looe Seniors Open to make it the successful day that it turned out to be. The treasurer also wished to minute a vote of thanks to Mike Edwards for his watchful eye during past audits. He has now retired and Roger Jones will be taking over.


5.     Appointments.  Captain: Dave Allen – Confirmed.  Vice-Captain: Andy Beer, proposed by Dave Allen and seconded by Roger Butler – members voted in favour, unanimous. Angus Holland re-elected proposed by Dave Allen and seconded by Roger Butler- members voted in favour Unanimous. Secretary: Alan Harmer, proposed by Ged O’Donaghue and seconded by Brian Coombes- members voted in favour, unanimous.


6.     Seniors Programme. The outgoing Secretary had handed over the programme for the year up until January 2019 and responsibility will now be with the new Secretary and Committee.


7.    Proposal (Bob Weston) that Roles of Captain and Vice be formalised to spread work load. The incoming Secretary counter proposed that this topic be referred to the Committee to formalise all committee members’ roles and responsibilities. Members voted in favour 18 – 2.


8.    Proposal (Bob Weston) and Seconded by Roy Bright that the decision which was originally approved in 2011 and read as, “in the absence of any other financial support the Vets Captain may choose not to contribute to Roll Ups and all prize money won should be donated to charity.” be reworded to state “no monies are to be paid by the current Seniors Captain to enter Roll Ups and prize money won belongs to the Captain.”    The Treasurer also gave his approval to this amendment. Members voted in favour 16-2.


9.    Proposal (Bob Weston) and Seconded by Roy Bright Birch Ward Charity Trophy to be opened up to all Club members. Many points raised including more players-more monies, Birch Ward is in Derriford Hospital and many members have various connections. Members voted in Favour 18-2.


10.  No Proposal, discussion was raised by Charles Patchett regarding dress code. Both the outgoing and incoming Captains stated that it always was and will be their intention to respect other clubs dress code policy.  


11.  The new Captain addressed the meeting and stated that he is looking forward to the challenges the coming year will bring. He thanked Roger Butler for all his good work during his term on behalf of him and the members. He also announced his charity for the year would be “The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.” The meeting concluded with a presentation to Roy Bright for his 11 years as Secretary, one of which was as Captain.

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