Minutes Relating to Looe Seniors AGM 2022

The Chair & Secretary (Alan Harmer) opened the 34th meeting of the Seniors Section at 0908hrs and welcomed the 27 members attending.

Members were asked to stand and offer a short period of applause in memory of Roy Bright, an ex-Captain, Secretary of 11 years and a long standing member who passed away earlier this year, and also to remember those members who we have lost in previous years.

  1. Attendance and Apologies

27 members were present, apologies had been received from 11 members.

  1. Minutes and Matters.

Last year’s minutes were made available to all members by email attachment and e-links.   Bob Weston proposed that the Minutes were an accurate record of the discussions from the meeting of the previous AGM, this was seconded by Trevor Frasle.

  1. Matters Arising 2021Minutes

Birch Ward – Secretary stated that the Birch Ward Trophy is, again, the only outstanding issue.  This year due to Greens Drainage work. The Chair stated that Covid had been the cause for previous years but the drainage work closure was this year’s issue. The Committee has recently discussed this matter and is still committed to the expansion and will look toward fulfilling this in the coming year.

  1. Outgoing Captains (Brian Clark) ReportOutgoing Captains' Report

Brian, unfortunately, could not be present on this occasion. In his absence, his Vice Simon Walker read a written report from Brian. A full copy of his report is available at the above link.

  1. Treasurers (Simon Walker) ReportTreasurers' Report

Simon gave his financial statement which led to questions from members regarding the ability of the figures to correctly balance. It was agreed that the Balance Sheet would be revisited and posted to the Seniors’ notice board with amendments by 31st October 2022.

  1. Secretary’s (Alan Harmer) ReportSecretarys' Report

Alan commented on the complexity of structuring the annual programme, especially when major disruption occurs. WHS – no foreseeable changes. Winter League scoring changes & Buster Trophy drawn again from 2 handicap divisions for 2023. Unanimously agreed by all members on both competitions.

  1. Appointments of Officers and Committee Members.
        Captain for 2022/3                Simon Walker

             Vice-Captain 2022/3              Dave Moore

       Treasurer:                              Dave Moore

       Secretary:                              Alan Harmer - No alternative nomination received.

       Assistant Treasurer:             Andy Deeprose

       Media and Marketing:         Not Filled

       Co-opted members x three: John Grist, Dave Allen & Bryan Sibley

All nominees were accepted unanimously by vote.

  1. Members Proposals Lodged for Discussion.

Item 1. Proposal by Roger Butler. “I propose that the 40% cut expected by the committee from roll up sweep money for those players not involved in "Inter Club Matches" should be abolished. It has always been up to the members not involved in the Matches to arrange a £2:00 per head sweep and all money taken is paid out in prizes. We do not require any input from the committee as the draw is done on the day and the score cards are put down in the computer as a casual round for handicap purposes”. No supporting evidence was offered.

In opposition, past Captains disagreed that a cut had not been taken during their terms of captaincy and were adamant that a cut taken in support of Senior Section subsidies had always been the case.

After much discussion, a vote of the members present returned, in favour of proposal 1 vote, against 23 votes , abstentions 3 votes. No further action required by the committee on this proposal.

Item 2. Proposal by Roger Jones. That the seniors day format reverts to the previous practice of one day being a members’ roll up and one day for section competitions. Supporting evidence was offered by Peter Winscheffel in as much as that he misses the social side of the roll-up days we used to have prior to Covid and the advance tee time booking system.

After much discussion it was agreed that the Seniors Committee will further explore ways to offer a more balanced programme of events, disruptions allowing! The Chair pointed out that certain restrictions are now placed on what we can and can’t do by the WHS, Club Sec and Handicap Sec. A member pointed out that the more qualifying scores a player submits the more his handicap will reflect his actual playing ability and with a correct handicap comes an equal opportunity of winning.

It was also agreed by the committee that priority must be given to players as they become more senior, to ensure that they are offered golf that remains enjoyable to them.


Our new Captain Simon Walker then addressed the members. Captains Acceptance

Simon spoke of new initiatives including a Most Valuable Player Award in the hope that it may encourage more members to play in matches. He also stated that an initiative regarding the R&A Rules Academy is being considered. 

  1. Meeting closed at 1010 hrs - Date of next meeting 28th September 2023.
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