Add HeadingMinutes of Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting held 25th February 2020

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Present:  A Beer Capt, A Holland Treas. A Harmer Sec, V Capt Stuart Grant-Allen. David Wilson.

Apologies - Bryan Sibley,


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address: Seniors Captain opened the meeting at 0900 and thanked those attending. He briefed the committee on 2 outstanding competitions the Feb Stableford, yet to be rearranged and Buckland Rowe, the latter to be played on 3rd March after the completion of the Summer KO draws.  He also stated that although the course was going through a hard time with the weather we should make the most of what we have. The Captain also had accepted the forced resignation of the assistant treasurer due to illness.



Minutes of last Meeting (Sec) – Agreed as a true record of discussions during the meeting.




Matters Arising (Sec)

There were no matters arising.





1.  Programme Updates. Decision: Sec to e-mail listed updates for members handbooks.

2.  Speed of Play. Since making changes to start procedure and highlighting the need for all to be aware dramatic improvements have been forthcoming. No further action.

3.  Policy for Home Match Cancellation: Will remain with the match Captain of the day.

           Decision:  Sec to include this decision in the Functional Manual.

4.  Policy for Dress Code at Post Match Home Meals. The Sec advised the committee that the current status of jacket & tie was voted in by the members at AGM’s in both 2015 & 2016. So the present committee does not have the authority to change that policy without a further members vote at either an EGM or AGM. He also suggested that it would be prudent to seek permission for the change from the present club owner as we are representing his club.      

        Decision 1. Seniors Captain to liaise with club owner.

        Decision 2. Whatever the outcome the Functional Manual is to reflect the decision.

5.  Sec gave an update on PSI terminal.

            Decision. Sec to e-mail video link to all members pre go live date.











 Sen Capt





Treasurers Report:

         1.      Treasurer stated we have £92 in cash, £1173 in bank with 260.75 of that being Captains Charity.  No further questions.





Seniors Open 2020.  

In an attempt to boost numbers for this years open the committee have agreed to have a Hole In One Prize of £5000. The cost of insurance policy to cover to the Seniors would be £170.

             Decision: Advertising of the event to start ASAP Dave Wilson to produce.






Birch Ward Trophy.

It was agreed that the Birch Ward Trophy will follow the same format as last year.  The trial on start times will be repeated and the competition will be open to all male club members over the age of 55 years. Advertising will be completed by Dave Wilson, “Early Start lists” will be completed by Sec, Roll Up will still take place and some later tee times will be available.

Decision: Dave Wilson to produce Adverts.







Seniors Away Day.

Captain announced Dainton Park 28th April 2020 will be venue at a cost of £25 per member.

              Decision:  Sign Up Sheet required.





Any Other Business.

  No other Business




1.    Date of next meeting   Apr 2020 TBN

2.    Meeting closed at 0944hrs.


*Post Meeting Note: Club owner has agreed that casual dress may be worn post-match if voted in by Seniors Extraordinary General Meeting.


Captain…………………….       Secretary………………………..    25.02.2020

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