Minutes of Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting 17 January 2019


   Present: D Allen Capt, A Holland Treas, A Harmer Sec, A Beer VCapt. J Rees, B Weston

Apologies: R Butler Past Capt,


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address: Dave opened the meeting at 0845 and thanked all for attending.

He also tended apologies for Roger Butler.



Minutes of last Meeting (Sec) – Agreed as a true record of discussions during the meeting



Matters Arising (Sec)

5.1 Treas Rep. Captain asked for ideas from members to reduce funds held.  Item Closed and moved to Treasurers report.

6.1 Seniors Open update. Propose move to a Standing Agenda item. Agreed

7.3 Birch Ward further expansion for 2020. Propose move to a Standing Agenda item.  Agreed

8.1 Captains Away day further update at Agenda Item 8.

9.1 Knockout Trophies - Entry Sheets now posted. 

                                         Outstanding Action:  Close Date 28 Feb Draw

                                                                                                7 March

10.1 Functional Manual: Final amendments made. Two weeks final consultation to go live 31.01.2019.  Agreed

11.1 Jeff Rees - Coloured flags on greens. Answer from Club Sec – Greenkeeper does not consider the size of the greens warrants such action.  Decision Seniors Capt to discuss with club Capt

12.1 Whitsand Bay 4 balls raffled at Xmas Lunch raising?  £60 to Captains Charity

13.1&2 £50 gift limit agreed & documented in FM.   Staff gratuity agreed.


















1. Whitsand Bay - No food on date of match there. Do we want to change date? Agreed no.

2. Killiow contacted me about matches this year – none on programme - did we discontinue?

Decision. Our present fixture list does not allow for extra dates –Killiow discontinued.

3. Sec advised the meeting that the Cornwall Seniors open is here on 24th June – opportunity to advertise our open. Closed. See Agenda Item 6.

4. Functional Manual –Excluding players who fail to complete KO matches from next years.  Decision.  Committee decided this was harsh and it is to be removed.




Sec e-mail






Treasurers Report: stating he is satisfied with Senior’s finances. No committee questions.

The Captain asked for Committee Members to solicit ideas from members to be presented and considered at the next meeting on how to reduce the amount of funds held.  

Decision.  As no suggestions were offered the Captain asked again for committee to solicit ideas for using some funds.



All Comm Members


Seniors Open 2019.  As several other clubs had already advertised the Sub Com asked Sec to prepare a poster which they will distribute.  Cost of £15 per person from last year will stand.

Decision  1. Poster to be created by Sec for Sub-Committee to advertise.

                2.  Sub Committee agreed to manage raffle and prizes.

Sub Com



Sub Com


Birch Ward Trophy. After further discussion the Sec proposed the decision from previous meeting should stand meaning

1.    due to time constraints we will open this year’s Birch Ward Trophy competition to all male Looe Golf Club members over 55 years of age.

2.    Sec to advertise through posters/notices within the Club. 

3.    The Sec then proposed that this item become a Standing Agenda Item to monitor this years uptake and to then consider future plans to expand the event further into 2020 if the committee consider it a benefit to the Senior Section & the Club. Decision: Agreed





Mid April





Seniors Away Day. Decision: The Captain has decided that this year he hopes to have two Away days. The first is arranged for 10th May 2019 at Holsworthy Golf Club at a cost of £25 per person. This will give us the usual Coffee and Bacon Roll on arrival 18 holes of Golf, 1st Tee Midday. Two course meal on completion.

Capt, Treas


Knockout Trophies 2019. After discussion the following  decisions stand:

1.    Entry lists will be posted by End of January 2019.

2.    Closing date for entry 28th February 2019 Draw 7th March 2019.

3.    Pick own partners for Buster Trophy. Players must ensure either matches are played or amicable decision made as to which pair go through to next round.







Any Other Business

1.      Bob Weston suggested that we have a trophy renamed for the Annual Championship. The committee were in full agreement.

Decision Treasurer was tasked with checking club archives for a suitable trophy which could be renamed or if none available price up the procurement of a new item.


2.      Vice-Captain requested a Change of Dates for Annual Championships

Discussion regarding this competition being over two separate weeks was held with the thought that less people are inclined to play in the comp because if they are on holiday or can’t play one week then they would not bother with the other and that moving both elements in to the same week would encourage more competitors.

Decision:  Majority voted against the change for this year.


  3.    Handicap Accountability.  The committee discussed the present situation of several players who are consistently scoring well within their current handicaps who have in the past had significantly lower handicaps at previous clubs. It was particularly noted and stressed that the anomaly is not under any circumstances the fault of the individual players. It was agreed unanimously that the individuals concerned should be informed of the circumstances faced by the committee and of the actions the committee intend to take to rectify a situation which is affecting the enjoyment of many players within the seniors and possibly the players concerned.


1.       Captain to inform the players concerned as to why the committee feel that action is urgently required.

2.      A meeting is required between the Club Handicap Secretary, Seniors Captain and Seniors Secretary to discuss a resolution and the merits of having a Seniors Representative present for the annual review of Seniors Handicaps who may not necessarily play in many club competitions for various reasons.


  4.    Slow Play.   The Secretary revisited the Etiquette of Golf and pointed out that should a group lose a complete hole in front of them they must let the group behind through. The majority of players are in agreement that there is nothing worse than standing around for ages waiting for others to play. Unfortunately, those who think oh well we have all day must consider our fellow seniors standing a couple of groups back who may want to get on with it.

Decision. 1. Captain would address players before todays play.

       2. Committee members should monitor the situations on course and intervene as 






























Capt, Sec














1.    Date of next meeting 07.03.2019

2.    Meeting closed at 0945hrs.


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