Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting Minutes of 9 July 2020


    Invited: Dave Allen Acting Capt, A Holland Treas, A Harmer Sec, D Wilson, B Sibley.

     Apologies. A Holland



Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address:  Dave Allen, the acting Captain welcomed those attending to the meeting, He commented on the unusual circumstances of a socially distanced meeting but also stated its importance to getting things a little bit more back to normal or at least what the new normal may be.



Minutes of last Meeting (Sec)

Agreed true representation of meeting discussions.



Matters Arising (Sec)

It was agreed that discussions at the last meeting had been overridden by exceptional circumstances and were best left in the past.






Secretary produced a programme that had been sent to the Club Sec and agreed to email it to all committee members.

Decision. Sec to email programme to all committee members









Treasurers Report: Angus to lead

The meeting was held at such short notice that figures, due to insufficient time, were not expected.



Seniors Open 2020 :

The Committee discussed the viability of holding the Seniors Individual Open at length. The timing of the relaxing of restrictions on Pubs, Restaurants, Holiday Parks and hotels could not have come at a worse time as it could mean that if, as expected, Covid infections do increase it will be in the lead up to the planned Open date on 6th August.  The practicality of bringing many visitors to the club who would be unaware of the clubhouse safety restrictions also was considered. The Committee therefore unanimously decided, the Treasurer having previously stated his concerns, to cancel this year’s Open.

Decision. Sec to inform Club GM & Sec.


















Birch Ward Trophy. (Charity Event)

Plans to expand this competition again put on hold this year.

So this year will be same format as last year with the competition being opened up to all club members.






Seniors Away Day. (Captain to Lead)

Discussion regarding the away day took place with the following outcome.

Decision. Treasurer to contact Dainton Park to cancel and obtain a refund and reimburse members.







Any Other Business.

1. The Captain asked if it was possible for qualifiers to be played from two different tees according to players’ handicaps. The Sec pointed out that when setting up a competition only one selection could be made from a drop down menu of tees, so no it is not possible. It would also be against the spirit of the handicap system as all players abilities must be tested fairly over the same test of golf.

2. Seniors Roll Ups. After much discussion it was decided that the “Senior 3’s” title should be retained rather than Roll Ups, £3 entry fee will be restarted on 21 July 2020 with a new method of accounting.

a. Monies – Dave Wilson is putting together a procedure for the collecting of entry fees and paying out of prizes (we still cannot do presentations as we did). More will be published very soon and certainly before 21st July.

Decision. Dave Wilson to produce procedure

b. Organisation. The Sec is looking into a system which will allow those who wish to roll up and play to do so and those who wish to pre-book tee times and turn up just before playing to also have their wish. More to follow on this. Decision. Sec look into various methods.

3. Bryan Sibley put up £50 for a clean trolley comp which was never judged. He has now stated that he would like to run a competition using that £50 for prize money. He has agreed that an entry fee will be charged which will go to the    Alzheimer’s Society and the winner/s will take the prize money.





























Date of next meeting. To be confirmed.


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