Minutes of Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting held on 18 June 2019


Present: D Allen Capt,  A Harmer Sec, B Weston and J Rees.         Apologies: A Holland, A Beer


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address: Dave opened the meeting at 0900 and thanked those attending. He also tended apologies for Angus Holland and Andy Beer.



Minutes of last Meeting (Sec) – Agreed as a true record of discussions during the meeting.



Matters Arising (Sec)

10.1 Defib meeting on 17 May Sec to attend and report back to Committee at Sec Report.





1.       Two matches for next year, Carlyon Bay and Staddon Heights home matches to be rearranged due to clashes of dates with club commitments. Decision: Sec to Action

2.      Sec briefed the meeting on the Defib day 22 Sept 2019. All had received the Club Secs e-mail laying out the format for the day.

3.       Sec proposed that the Seniors Section sponsored one of the ancillary competitions on the day. After discussion it was decided that the Seniors would donate a prize of a £25 voucher as a prize for a straightest drive competition on the 10th hole.

Decisions: 1. Sec to inform Club Sec and Gen Manager.

     2. Treasurer to Action payment.

     3. The Captain will liaise with Lady Captain ref: mixed defib fundraiser.













Treasurers Report:

1.      As Angus was not present his e-mail providing information to the meeting of £15.65 Cash held and £1792.80 in bank with 2 outstanding payments of  £100 to Birch Ward and £60 for 12 dozen golf balls.

2.      Seniors Open 11 entries so far.

3.       Question raised reference the renaming of the Brian Norman Trophy Sec to e-mail Treasurer. Decision: Sec to email Treas.

4.      Thanks to Roger Jones who has recently audited the Section Funds.









Seniors Open 2019.  

Bob Weston and Jeff Rees will be running the raffle and prizes will be mainly by donations. Andy Beer has secured two golfing umbrellas from Barclays.  All considered to be in hand.



Birch Ward Trophy.

1.      It was agreed that although the amount of money collected for Birch Ward increased from £60 to £80 the number playing in the event was greatly affected by the inclement weather.

2.      The trial nominated tee time start system appeared to work well.

3.      Looking forward to next year discussion regarding what type of competition would have maximum support from Seniors, Ladies & Club members.

Decision: That all committee members to consider which type of competition would be best and present at next meeting.








All Committee


Seniors Away Day.

Captain will announce shortly.       Decision: Captain to announce.




Any Other Business.

Discussion was reopened from a previous meeting (March) regarding competition and/or social golf for senior’s members which led to the committee posting Seniors Committee Notice No1 dated 09.03.2019 on the Seniors Notice Board.  The notice explained the position of the committee regarding competition/social golf and requested that members who had reservations regarding this position to lodge these with a committee member, no comments were forthcoming. The recent e-mail circulated to all members again requested comments regarding competition/social golf. Just 13 returns were made with 3 being from committee members, 8 from members making general comments but these would not be affected by any decision made and two from members who would welcome some form of choice on competition days.  The committee at present did not feel that sufficient evidence exists to warrant an immediate change to the present position on competition/social golf and will therefore monitor the situation and act accordingly.




1.    Date of next meeting   25.07.2019

2.    Meeting closed at 0950hrs.



Captain…………………….       Secretary………………………..    25.07.2019

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