Minutes of Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting held on 07 March 2019

Present: D Allen Capt, A Holland Treas, A Harmer Sec, A Beer VCapt. B Westton

Apologies: J Rees



Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address: Dave opened the meeting at 0902 and thanked all for attending. He also tended apologies for Jeff Rees.



Minutes of last Meeting (Sec) – Agreed as a true record of discussions during the meeting



Matters Arising (Sec)

4.2 Killiow e-mailed and all matches between Looe and Killiow now cancelled.

4.4 Exclusion of players failing to complete matches removed from Functional Manual.

5.2 Committee Members to solicit members for ideas on reducing funds held.

6.1 Seniors Open Poster produced by Sec and distributed to other clubs.

8.1 Away Day at Holsworthy – discuss at Item 8.

9.1 Draws to be made and posted on completion of Committee Meet.

10.1 Treasurer was asked to check archives for existing trophies suitable for adapting or look at cost of new.

10.3 meeting held between Senior Capt, Sec and Club handicap Sec. E-mail recently sent to all for clarification. All agreed suitable developments ongoing.

10.4 Slow play. Captain will monitor and act appropriately.









To item 4





Treasurers Report:

Financial standing was agreed as satisfactory.

The preferred trophy for the Annual Championship was proposed and further discussion regarding trophies led to the Sec proposing that an audit of Seniors trophies should be undertaken and perhaps culminating in a valuation when the end of year engraving is carried out.

Decisions: 1  Audit of trophies to be conducted.

                  2. Decision on Valuation to be considered at next meeting.

                  3. Final decision on Annual Championship Trophy to be discussed


Clive Cooper has agreed to assist the Treasurer and assistant in times when neither can be present.







Treas, Sec






Nothing to report at present.



Seniors Open 2019.   Posters printed and distributed to other clubs around Cornwall.

Treasurer has received an encouraging amount of entries already. Bob Weston and Jeff Rees will be running the raffle on the day.  All considered to be in hand.



Discussion on this topic postponed until after this years comp.

Birch Ward Trophy. After further discussion the Sec proposed the decision from previous meeting should stand meaning

1.    due to time constraints we will open this year’s Birch Ward Trophy competition to all male Looe Golf Club members over 55 years of age.

2.    Sec to advertise through posters/notices within the Club. 

3.    The Sec then proposed that this item become a Standing Agenda Item to monitor this years uptake and to then consider future plans to expand the event further into 2020 if the committee consider it a benefit to the Senior Section & the Club. Decision: Agreed





Mid April





Seniors Away Day.

Deposit paid and confirmed by Holsworthy GC.



Knockout Trophies 2019. Draws made both Competitions now live.




Any Other Business.


1. The club have requested a representative from the Seniors to attend meetings of the Defib Day (Sept) committee. Decision 1. Sec has volunteered.

2. Discussion arose regarding what needs to happen when Qualifiers cannot be played because of course conditions. It was eventually agreed and a Decision made that. Decision 1. The postponed Qualifier is to be played on the next available Seniors Day when course conditions allow.


Decision 2.  The members are to be provided with sufficient information as to why the committee feel that this is necessary.












Capt, Se


1.    Date of next meeting   02.05.2019

2.    Meeting closed at 0930hrs.



Captain…………………….       Secretary………………………..    07.03.2019

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