Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting Minutes of 25 May 2021

Invited: Dave Allen (Capt), Bryan Sibley (V Capt), Simon Walker (Treas), A Harmer (Sec), Brian Clark, John Nash



Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address:  

Captain thanked and welcomed all and commented that it was good to be back playing with restrictions a little more relaxed. 




Minutes of last Meeting (Sec)

Agreed true representation of meeting discussions.




Matters Arising (Sec)

  1. All agreed that the Seniors Twitch Stableford seemed popular with members and that it should played when no other competitions take preference.
  2. Club V1 training completed.
  3. Discussion then took place regarding the best way to solicit views of members as several decisions are currently being held over until the next AGM. However, the Sec pointed out that a vote at an AGM will only get results from a fairly small percentage of the members normally around 20 (40%) attend. Whereas a targeted survey of members would generate a much greater number of votes (approx. 100%) from current members. The Sec had produced a survey form and trialled it on committee members who agreed unanimously that the survey would produce a more accurate and productive overview than waiting for the AGM.
  4. All committee to consider if any other questions need to be added to the original survey and forward ideas to Sec by 01 June.

Sec to produce final survey and dist to all members producing & publicising results by end of June.



















Secs Report.

  1. The committee agreed at the previous meeting that a decision regarding inter club friendly match resumption from 21 June would be considered.  This was discussed and the decision was unanimous to resume from 21 June. Discussion took place regarding what our club would be able to offer catering wise when we hosted other clubs. The club had been invited to the meeting and it was hoped they would be able to comment on just what catering would be available and at what price. However, nobody was free to comment on the day of the meeting.
  2. 1. Sec prompted to write email to Club Manager
  3. 2. Contact all Club Secs to ascertain what matches can be played.
  4. WHS is proving to be a success and already many more acceptable scores for handicap purposes are being submitted by Seniors playing regularly in organised competitions as well as Casual cards.
  5. Winter League or Eclectic for this coming winter will be a question on the survey previously discussed.
















Treasurers Report:

Simon is now settling in well. The Seniors funds stand at £2368.53 after paying £157 contribution to Club Handicap Software.




Seniors Open 2021 :

We now have 11 visitors booked in for the Seniors Open. It was discussed that we now need to step up activities leading up to the Open. Decision. Sec to produce a plan.





Birch Ward Trophy. (Charity Event) Planned for 10th June 2021 (Move Later?)

Left as an Agenda Item as it is still an objective of the Committee that this competition be expanded further.





Seniors Away Day. (Captain to Lead) Planned 13 July 2021

Nothing to Add

Capt & Treas


Any Other Business.

No further business was raised.




  1. Date of next meeting.

To be confirmed.




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