Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Looe GC Seniors held on 5th March 2020 at Looe GC.


      1.   Meeting open at 0930 Number present - 16   A quorum (25%) was achieved, current members 45.

      2.  The Secretary gave an explanation as to why the EGM had been called.  Stating that at a recent committee meet the                        standard of dress for post-match meals at home matches, which is currently Jacket & tie was questioned.  It was pointed out

          that the committee did not have the authority to change the dress standard as this was decided by the members at the 2016

          AGM and that decision could only be changed by the members themselves. Hence the purpose of this EGM today is to

         debate and decide on the “Standard of Dress required for post-match meals at home matches”.  

     3.  The following proposal was made by the Seniors Captain and Seconded by the current Vice-Captain.

         The Captain explained that a precedent had been set by a previous Captain who had changed the dress code without authority in           2018. He also stated that the last vote was now over 4 years ago and times had changed and as Captain he wanted to change               the dress standard for home post-match meals from Jacket & Tie to Smart Casual Dress, (no jeans or shorts).

          He went on to state that should the change of dress standard not be approved by the members that he would not fulfil his year as           Captain and he would resign. 

          The Vice- Captain seconded this motion also declaring that he would resign if the members voted against this proposal.

     4.  The Secretary opened the debate to the members.  A Past Captain stated that he considered these threats to resign as totally

          out of order. He also stated that as Captain 2019 he had not had an issue with players not wanting to wear jacket and ties in

          his year and that he saw no reason to change. He also said that at Club matches Jacket and Tie was still worn by the home

          team. A previous Club Captain 2018 challenged this and stated that more clubs are going away from the formal dress

          standards and we should too! Yet another past Seniors Captain agreed and was for the change to Casual Dress. A further Past

          Seniors Captain displayed his displeasure with what he also termed, the threat of resignation if the decision was not accepted

          by the members. He proposed the possibility of upsetting clubs by our lack of uniformity and that he considered we have a

          lack of identity and was very strongly against this motion.

          The Secretary spoke of a possible compromise with just Shirt and Tie, with the Seniors Section providing Club ties to give             some form of unity and identity. The Secretary made a proposal which was withdrawn when there appeared to be little                     support.  A member put a comment to the meeting that bringing in younger members was needed to boost senior numbers               and that this motion may bring in more members.


      5. Before the vote - The Secretary informed the meeting that votes had been submitted from those members who had tended

          apologies.  Committee previously agreed that all members should be offered a vote and that the votes should be included.

          However, the votes would only be allowed if the members agree that all votes should be included?  The members then

          voted,  Thirteen to Three to accept these votes.

     6   The Secretary then pointed out that there would be an option to abstain and if members will not in any way be affected by the                  outcome of this vote they are invited to please consider using this option.


     7.   Vote:      

           Those in favour of Jacket & Tie  -      Six      

           Those in favour of Casual Dress (No Jeans or Shorts)   -  Thirteen

            Abstain             One


      8.  The Motion was carried. Secretary to add the outcome to the Functional Manual and the meeting was closed at 0954hrs.


      Post Meeting Note: Both Capt and Vice-Captain subsequently resigned from their posts after this meeting. The remainder of the 

      committee met deciding the best way forward was to invite the previous years Captain Dave Allen to take over the captaincy until

      the next AGM. Dave allen accepted.



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