Outgoing Captains Report 2021

Good Morning all.

  As I come to the end of year 3 as Captain, I’ve been reflecting on how things have change within our section during that time.

We no longer roll-up, sign up and play. We’ve all had to learn and adopt to the electronic age.

We have welcomed several new members over that period, growing this section into healthy numbers. Welcome to each and everyone

  It was a difficult start to this year, we did manage to play a few rounds of winter league and the Buckland Rowe before being in lockdown most of the winter.

 On our return we manged to complete the winter League programme, and catch up on all our fixtures. Congratulations to all the winners.

  It was a difficult return to golf in the spring with the new world handicap system now in       operation.

 Everyone confused by handicap index, course handicap and playing handicap, now we all     understand the system and wonder what all the fuss was about.

  The committee decided that we would make each competition a qualifier, and I am now convinced that it was a correct decision, after 6 months the handicaps are showing our present playing ability. giving everyone a good chance of winning, except me.

  The team matches resumed at the end of June with the visit of Boringdon, everyone still a bit apprehensive about mixing and covid, but with a bit of common sense, we all managed to stay safe and enjoy some very friendly golf.

We have had some very good results home and away beating teams we normally struggle against, well played team, and thanks to all the members who played this season.

Any member who’s never played in the team matches should seriously consider putting your name forward, it’s great fun meeting and making a lot of new friends, the lists are always posted on our notice board

  Thanks to Bryan Sibley for standing in for me during my holiday, and to Brian Clark for     stepping up to the mark yesterday at Truro.

The Seniors Open was well attended from within our section and club members, and also several visitors travelling great distances to join us on the day.(we must be getting a good reputation) Thanks you to everyone who helped on the day.

We had a very successful Captains Charity Challenge recently, raising alot of money for my chosen charity the Prostate Cancer UK, and boosting the years collection to £519.67. Well done and thanks everyone.

 My thank you’s


  I would like to thank all the staff for looking after us week after week.

 To all my Vice Captains who help me through the years.

.  Thank you to every member of the committee for all your hard work during the year, I’m sure a lot of the members don’t realise how much work it takes to run this section.

   A big thank you to Alan our Secretary who does most of the work, and made my job a lot    easier over the last 18 months.

 I would like to say it has been a pleasure and a honor, to have been asked to serve as your Captain,  and I thank you all for your support during that time.

 I will finish by wishing the new Captain and his Vice Captain all the best for next year.

Thank you Gentlmen.

Dave Allen

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