SECRETARYS REPORT FOR 2021 AGM                  Dated 28th September 2021



  1.  The winter programme just about got going and several rounds of Winter League were played before the dreaded lockdown re-appeared.   By the time we finally got back to playing at the end of March it had been decided that all club matches should be postponed in the interest of safety.  However, we have managed to shoe horn in all the usual competitions including some from last year, Summer Knock outs. Results!  We even got some inter-club matches in towards the end of the year. I can also confirm that a full programme of inter club friendlies is arranged for next year.
  2. Seniors Individual Open in August went well, even with the atrocious weather conditions 53 players, reduced from 69, still managed to get to play after an hours delay and we received some very good compliments on both the running of the competition and particularly on the prizes! Mainly from away players but hey! Most important of all we did not lose money on the day and the Section made some profit as did the Club.
  3. Rules Relaxed during Covid period.

Seniors Competition Eligibility Test.  6 roll ups or 3 qualifiers. It was decided that the eligibility test for Senior competitions should be relaxed. From today the rules on this will be reviewed and reinstated in some form to cover Senior 3’s, roll ups and other competitions, the FM will be amended accordingly. 

Post-match Dress Standards. 

It was agreed that the accepted standard should be Smart Casual (No Shorts). Gone away from that and I would urge the committee to return to it.

  1. You may recall that a survey was undertaken earlier this year as required by the Functional Manual which ensures that the committee consider what our members want. The following results were established.

80% of the members responded. Far more than are here today giving a far more accurate response!

79% wish to remain with the nominated Tee Time procedure currently employed.

85% wish to remain with a Winter League as opposed to the old Winter Eclectic.

72% want to keep 2 Divisions and do not wish to change to 1 Division.

61.5% current number of competitions off both white and yellow tees is satisfactory and change is not required.

20.5%  there are too many competitions off the white tees, this number should be reduced. 

18%  there are not enough competitions off the white tees, this number should be increased.  

  1. WHS – I think the majority have now settled into this and the one thing we can all be quite sure of is that our handicaps are now, more than ever before, a true reflection of our ability to play golf, sometimes!

24 qualifying competitions played so far this year as opposed to 14 in 2019, 8 in 2017.

Some other stats, 803 rounds played since lockdown ended with 539 qualifying rounds making some 67% of the rounds played qualifiers and 48 x two’s have been scored!

While we may not all agree with it – we are definitely stuck with it.

  1. Lastly, I have a proposal. Reading through some old senior’s stuff I read that the pairings for the Pairs Summer K/O used to be drawn from two divisions, one higher handicaps and one lower handicappers, rather than selecting your own partner. So in a bid to increase numbers taking part I would like to propose that we return to this selection method, do I have a Second and lets have a little practice for what is coming up – a vote! Vote was unanimous for the proposal. Any Question?                                                                                                                                                  (Return to AGM Minutes)
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