Seniors Annual Survey 2021

A total of 39 responses were received, 33 electronically and 6 by other means. This number is twice the number attending the start of the AGM of 2019 (virtual meet 2020!) Thanks to all 39 Seniors who responded, there was just one abstention.

Results were as follows;

         1.   After Covid restrictions have been lifted would you prefer to remain with the current start procedure or return to the Roll Up                      procedure previously used?

          Previous Roll Up system used before Covid 19.  21%

          Remain with the nominated tee time registration used during Covid 19.  79%


         2. During last winter we trialled a Winter League competition which could be played and scored as long as the course was open rather             than the Winter Eclectic of previous years which could not be played on temporary greens. Would you prefer that for winter 2021 we...

             Remain with the multi-format all conditions Winter League. 85%

             Return to the possible weather restricted Winter Eclectic. 15%


        2a  For the winter competition I would prefer.....

             I would prefer 2 divisions. 72%

             I would prefer just 1 division. 28%


        3.   Historically, 7 competitions per year, those classed as our "Majors" are played from the White Tees. All other, some 97, are played                   from Yellow Tees. With the introduction of WHS and an the White course now carrying a higher Slope Rating, hence more strokes                   for handicap, do you consider that....

The current number of competitions off both white and yellow tees is satisfactory and change is not required. 61.5%

There are too many competitions off the white tees, this number should be reduced. 20.5%

There are not enough competitions off the white tees, this number should be increased.  18%


The margin between the Green/Red options would suggest that we are currently satisfying the majority of our members. So considering the above results your Committee see no reason to amend current competitions.


Several members have suggested alternatives but the survey questions were those asked and they could not be changed once sent out. If you think you have a better suggestion by all means try to get sufficient support for the idea and either add it to the Agenda for the AGM or if enough support is gained seek an EGM, the procedure for which is in our Functional Manual.


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