Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Special Meeting Minutes 11 June 2024


Invited: Dave Moore (Capt), A Harmer (Sec), Andy Deeprose (V Capt & Treas), Simon Walker (Past Capt), Brian Clark, John Grist.

Apologies: Andy Deeprose, Simon Walker.


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address:  The Captain opened the meeting at 0905 by welcoming those members of the Committee attending and announcing that this special meeting was required to formalise the adoption of a buggy subsidy for away inter-club friendly matches.





Secretary briefed the meeting on events so far.


History.  Buggies have occasionally been used at away matches for some time but the escalating cost to individuals is becoming prohibitive. In 2023 the Seniors Sec approached our club General Manager to ask if he would agree to offer a reciprocal deal to all teams that we play, offering buggies for away teams to be charged at our club members rates, he agreed.

Sec wrote to all away team organisers and unfortunately had just 3 replies and only one, Elfordleigh, agreed to a reciprocal deal. So this had little effect on lifting the burden of buggy costs. A member recently asked the committee to consider a subsidy for part of the cost of a buggy, for away matches only, as a good deal is offered to home players at Looe.

Reason Required.  The committee see our matches as a considerable priority in our calendar as they bring significant revenue into the club, helping to keep membership costs down and also help to build our esteem within the club. All Senior Section members have the option to join in these matches.










After detailed and careful consideration the committee agreed that a subsidy towards the cost of a buggy, to assist in fulfilling our commitments to the club, the away teams and the Seniors Section would be value for money and intend to introduce this subsidy on a trial basis until AGM 2024. As with all other Seniors subsidised events all Senior Section members have the option to join in and, if required for health reasons, use this subsidy to play in away matches.

Justification. The captain or person selecting an away team must consider the following:

  1. Are there sufficient volunteering players to fulfil the team without buggy users?
  2. If buggy users are required can the User/s be paired together to minimise cost to the section?
  3. Considering the social aspect, liaise with the away captain to see if opposition pairs who may be using a buggy can be paired with our buggy users.

Details of subsidy amount.

Buggy user/s will be expected to contribute £14(2 x£7 for two sharing) to the cost of a buggy (Equivalent to the cost of a buggy at Looe GC at members rates), the Section will then subsidise the remainder of cost.

Cost to the section is estimated between £10 and £16 per buggy.





Actions from this meeting


  1. Produce a report from the meeting to inform members on Looe GC Web Site.
  2. Record the outcome from the meeting into the Functional Manual.


  1. Produce cost to the section for year 2024 for members at AGM 2024.
  2. Produce a budget/estimate of cost for year 2025 for members at AGM 2024.


  1. Comply with the Justification policy in para 3.











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