History of Looe Golf Club Seniors Section.

The first records from meetings of the, then, Veterans Section of Looe Golf Club date back to 1989 with 25 members being present at the first recorded Annual General Meeting. It appears the number of members increased fairly rapidly and by 1992 42 members attended that years AGM. The Section remained the Veterans until changed by members vote at the 2012 AGM. A document recording just how the Section functions had been suggested at Committee meetings and AGM’s many times over the past years of the Seniors/Veterans existence. However, evidence of such a document being formally accepted by Committee and members alike are unavailable and therefore it must be assumed that none exists.  The purpose of this document is to fill that gap and to formally document the functional operation of the Seniors Section of Looe Golf Club.

1.       Purpose.

1.    Looe Golf Club Senior Section1 members are first and foremost members of Looe Golf Club and will abide by Looe Golf Club    Constitution and Rules.  The Section exists to bring suitably mature male golfers together for the purpose of enjoyment of organised golf competitions and social occasions for like-minded persons.

2.       Membership.

1.    Membership is open to all members of Looe Golf Club aged 55 (CGU adopted this as Senior/Veterans age limit)2 and over.  An annual subscription will be set by the Committee in agreement with the membership at AGM/EGM.  As a paid member full voting rights at AGM/EGM are granted.


2.      Disciplinary matters involving these rules, roles and responsibilities will be considered by the Senior Section Officers and Committee.  Breach of Club rules will be passed to the Club Committee for consideration.


3.    Subscription

1.      The level of subscription shall be set and agreed by the Seniors Committee with the approval by way of a vote of the members usually at an AGM. Level may be changed through an EGM if urgently required.


4.    Committee.

1.      For the purposes of continuity and functional management a Committee will be responsible for the day to day success of the Section.  The Committee will be formed by members and elected by members at an AGM/EGM to the positions of Treasurer, Secretary and Seniors Captain. The Vice-Captain, Previous Years Captain and up to 2 co-opted members will complete the composition of the Committee.

2.      The Committee have the authority to amend these documented rules and procedures for the purpose of being in the best interest of the Seniors Section and to amend this document as appropriate. Where a change of rules or procedures may have a direct financial impact on members of the Section the Officers of the Committee shall seek approval of the members through a vote prior to that change and to ensure that a record of the change exists in either EGM/AGM Minute.

3.     Should members be aggrieved by any changes of the rules and procedures representation shall be made through the options available in Para 6.2

5.    Roles and Responsibilities of Officers of the Committee.


1.    The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring financial propriety of the Section funds and to this end he will be expected to,

a)      collect all monies due to the Section and arrange payment of Section funds for services supplied and authorised by        the Committee,

b)      ensure appropriate levels of security for Section funds at all times,

c)      keep a competitions book to record all those who have won each competition,

d)      prepare financial statements and documentation for all meetings of the Committee and for annual audit,

e)      to bring to the notice of the Committee immediately any circumstance in which the financial security of the Senior        Section may be compromised,

f)       aim to achieve a 60-70% Prizemoney and 40-30% club funds split from Competition entry fees where applicable,

g)     monitor eligibility (6 roll ups) of entrants before they compete in Seniors in house comps,3

h)     ensure the committee do not surpass their limit of £50 donation/gift without approval of the members.

2.    The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that the administration of the Section is sufficiently maintained to satisfy our commitments to our members, our host Looe Golf Club and to other clubs and organisations who we share reciprocal home and away matches, to this end he will be expected to,

a)      arrange for the convention of all meetings, produce agenda, Chair the AGM and other meetings should the Captain be unavailable, prepare minutes recording decisions made and the dissemination to all interested parties,

b)      monitor and record changes to rules and procedures in this manual as required and at least annually,

c)      manage incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to all Section matters,

d)      keep Section members informed of future events and competitions through e-mail, web pages, noticeboards and other media,

e)      bring to the notice of the Committee any event which may cause significant embarrassment to either Looe Golf Club or its Senior Section,

3.    The Captain shall be responsible for ensuring the day to day standards and rules of the Senior Section and,  of Looe golf Club are upheld to this end he will,

a)      organise roll up days ensuring that all competition draws are fair,

b)      select and captain teams for home and away matches and arranging for promulgation of nominated teams through all     available media,

c)      chair all meetings of the Senior Committee

5.         The Vice-Captain will be responsible for supporting and assisting the Captain in all of his duties and when necessary standing in for the Captain in his absence or when called upon.

6.        Co-Opted Committee Members without specific roles and responsibilities will be required to assist other Committee members on competition and roll up days.

6.      Meetings.

1.    The AGM will be held annually in September. The Secretary will post notice of the AGM including nomination for Officer details (at least 7 days in advance of the meeting) along with requests for proposed and seconded agenda items to be raised during the AGM. There will be no “any other business” on the AGM agenda. If required general discussion may take place on conclusion of the meeting. For the meeting to proceed a Quorum of 25% of members must be present.

2.    Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Senior Section may be called by the Committee, or by written request by 6 or more members the request must give notice of the matter to be discussed. The meeting will then be arranged within 7-14 days. The matter to which the notice relates to will be the only topic open to discussion. For the meeting to proceed a Quorum of 25% of members must be present.

3.    Seniors Committee Meetings will be held at intervals determined by the Captain and Secretary as appropriate to manage Section harmony. Members who have concerns over the management, conduct or general running of the Section should discuss their concern with a Committee member who is bound to take the concern forward for discussion by the Committee.


7.    Competitions.

1.   The Committee understands the importance of presenting a fair and balanced selection of fun and competitive games to members and also the importance of maintaining member’s handicap status and completing the programme of inter-club matches. During the year, playing Tuesday and Thursday mornings, roughly 104 golfing opportunities are available to the Seniors. Of those 104 opportunities some 70% are given to Team Roll Ups, with 20% given to Stablefords and Medals i.e Qualifiers, and the remaining 10% given to others (Seniors Opens, Matches vs Ladies Etc.)  Inter club matches are not included as a Roll Up will still take place on inter-club match days.

2.     The Committee currently feel that this a fair proportion to sufficiently maintain member’s handicaps whilst providing a fair fun/competitive balance and will in future years endeavour to maintain this current status unless successfully challenged by members under current rules.

3.    Competitions will be held in accordance with the rules and conditions as stated under the individual named trophy Sections later in this document.


8.    Competitions and Entrance fees.

1.   All members will be required to pay the required entrance fee for the competition being played as set by the Committee. With the exception of the Seniors Captain who in the absence of other financial support in his Role is entitled to enter all competitions (Opens not included) free of charge and is entitled to fully retain any financial prize he should win.4

2.    Tuesdays and Thursday are normally Seniors competition days and registration is required by1000hrs.

3.    First tee will usually be at 1030 hrs.

4.    Tee Times for Knockout matches are to be arranged independently of Seniors Section Tee Times and Fourball knockout matches will not be allowed to start between the Ladies and Seniors Tee Times. This is to prevent matches spoiling the enjoyment of the whole Seniors Section Roll Up/competitions.


9.    Prize Winners. 

1.   Seniors trophy competition winners will be given the choice of receiving an engraved medal/small trophy or a Pro shop voucher worth approx. £7.5

10.   Away Days.

1.    At least one Away Day per year will be arranged and where possible subsidised by the Seniors Committee. Should the Captain wish he may, if funds are available, request that a second Away Day be considered. Members may also put forward their ideas for suitable venues for these days.

              1.  Reference AGM minutes 2012 – Name Change from Vets to Seniors – approved by majority.

                                    2.  Reference AGM minutes 2008 – CGU recognise Seniors/Veterans age as 55 years and over                                                                                          3. Reference AGM 2014 – eligibility to play in knockout comps and Seniors trophy comps.                                                                       4. Reference AGM 2018 – Captains Competition entrance fee and winnings voted for  16-2.                                                                                               5. Reference AGM 2014 – Winners to be offered Trophy or voucher voted for 17-3.




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