Winter Eclectic Competition



Individual multiple round Stableford Competition, Played between October and the following February.

Eligibility: Competitors must be over 55 years of age and paid up members of the Looe Golf Club Seniors Section and qualify under the 6 Roll Up/3 Seniors Qualifiers in the 12 month period leading up to the date of 1st Round.

Draws: Start times will be drawn by the Committee on the days of competition.

Handicap:  Full handicap allowance

Tees:  Yellow Tees.

Competitors can enter as many rounds as they wish. The number of rounds is variable from year to year.

Scoring is the best points score on each hole (permanent greens only) these will be updated and published after each round. The winner will be the player with the best 18 hole score after the declared final round.

In the event of a tie the tied players will play an 18 hole knockout round to decide the winner. If still tied after 18 holes a sudden death play-off will decide the winner.

The competition will have two divisions. The divisional split will depend on the number of players. The intention being that both divisions shall have an equal number of players.


Scores on temporary greens will not count under any circumstance.


Past Winners:

                           Division 1                            Division 2

2017                 Dave Taylor                       Angus Holland



Last Updated November 2008

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