Pairs Matchplay Competition.


Eligibility: Competitors must be over 55 years of age and paid up members of the Looe Golf Club Seniors Section and qualify under the 6 Roll Up/3 Seniors Qualifiers in the 12 month period leading up to the date of 1st Round.

There is no entrance fee for this competition.

Draw: Pairs Partners can be selected by the competitors and opponents will be drawn by the Committee on a Roll Up date prior to commencement of the competition.

Handicap:  90% stroke allowance, off the lowest handicap player.

Tees:  Rounds off Yellow Tees.

           Final off White Tees.

Tied Match: If tied after 18 holes the match is to continue in Sudden Death to play off.



Past Winners:


2017     Angus Holland & Alan Harmer


2019   Simon Walker & Nigel Young

2020    Simon Walker & Nigel Young


Last Updated February 2021


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