Flag Trophy


Individual Stroke Play Competition.

Eligibility: Competitors must be over 55 years of age and paid up members of the Looe Golf Club Seniors Section and qualify under the 6 Roll Up/3 Seniors Qualifiers in the 12 month period leading up to the date of the competition.

Draw:  Start times drawn by the Committee on the day of competition.

Handicap: Full handicap Allowance.

Tees:  White Tees.

The course scratch will be set at 60 and added to each player’s full handicap to give total strokes allowed. The winner will be the player who completes the greatest distance with his allocated shots.  The “Flag” will be placed by the player in the leading group who plays the farthest around the course in his allowed strokes. The “Flag” may then be moved by following players should they travel further on the course. If two players should finish on the same green the player nearest the flag will be deemed the winner. 

Tied Match: If two or more players have strokes left after 18 holes they will play on until one player is left. 

·         If this competition is combined with a medal qualifier players must be briefed to record scores for holes even when they have run out of strokes in the “Flag” competition.




2019    John Nash

2020    Dave Wilson

2021    Stewart Hamon


Last Updated July 2021

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