2023/24 LGC Cobra Order of Merit Rules

The LGC Men's ‘Order of Merit’ (OOM) runs throughout the golf season, starting on October 1st each year and ending on the last weekend before presentation evening*.  Points are awarded based on individual places in all specified competitions - the OOM winner is the individual who has amassed the most points throughout the season. As a minimum, prizes will be awarded to all players finishing in the top 20 of the final stanings, kindly sponsored by Cobra. The overall winner of the OOM will win the ‘LGC Player of the Year’ award.

*Exception - Should the October Medal fall in September it will count towards the following years Order of Merit

Which Competitions Count?

Please see Appendix 1.1 for a full list of competitions included within the OOM. All OOM competitions will fall into 1 of 4 ‘grades’ (A, B C or D) that will dictate the number of points available. Additional ‘Bonus’ points will be awarded for overall placings in the Winter League and Morley Medal. Should a competition be postponed and subsequently fall outside of the OOM qualifying period for that year, points for that competition will count in the following years OOM.

How are Points Awarded?


Points will be awarded based on the individual placings and competition ‘grade’ in all OOM qualifying competitions for places 1–50 or 1-25. For a full breakdown of the points awarded for each placing, please see Appendix 1.2.


Other Notes

  • Any disqualifications or N/R’s will earn 0 points for that even

  • Count-back shall only be used for deciding 1st and 2nd place (No count-back will be applied to Winter League or Captains Stableford). All other tied scores shall earn points based on calculating the total number of points available for the tied positions, divided by the number of players that are tied

  • Competitions with 2 or more divisions are counted as 1 field for OOM purposes with the exception of monthly Medals/Stablefords which will receive points per division as per Appendix 1.2, column B

  • In the event that 2 or more players are tied at the season end, the Player of the Year Award will be given to the player with the most ‘competition wins’. If this is tied the award will be shared

  • In the event of a ‘mixed field’ (Eg. the Olver Cup), only males shall be awarded points and those points will be based on their actual placing. Points due to be awarded for placings taken up by ladies will be discarded

  • For all OOM qualifying competitions played in pairs, both players shall be awarded equal points (Eg. in a grade C competition, the winning pair would be awarded 400 points each) 
  • In KO competitions, points will only be awarded per round upon winning at least 1 match
  • Temporary Greens - Should a normally OOM qualifying competition be played on any temporary greens, no points shall be awarded for that day

Decisions & Disputes – Any disputes or questions should be put to a member of the OOM organising committee (Greg West, John Kinver & Nigel Hurst), whose decision will be final.

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