Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting Minutes for 30 June 2022


Invited: Brian Clark (Capt), Simon Walker (V.Capt) & (Treas), A Harmer (Sec), Dave Moore (A/Treas), Dave Wilson (M&M), Dave Allen (Past Capt), John Nash, Bryan Sibley.

Apologies, Dave Wilson


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address:  

  The Captain spoke of his pleasure with the way things are running and that as far as he was concerned the committee had the overall interest of all members at heart. He acknowledged that things are very busy after the completion of the greens drainage work and that completion of all events may be difficult.





Minutes of last Meeting (Sec)

Agreed true representation of meeting discussions.

Proposer    Brian Clark                                        Second: Dave Moore




Matters Arising (Sec)

4.2 Functional Manual review completed and published.

5. The minor issue relating to Annual Report has been resolved by the Treasurer.

The Sec reminded the committee of the Interim Meeting Held to Discuss M&M leaving and items arising from that meeting were.

Actions: Cap & Sec to take over Web site. Treasury Dept take over financial spreads.

Members Social Evening due in May had been cancelled.

Those actions on M&M were being held over until and if a new member can be identified.







Secs Report. 

1. Fixtures: Home match vs Teign Valley cancelled from March now schedules for 13th Oct.

Re-arranged Newquay home match, was agreed with Nq for 9th Aug but our club maybe unable to cater for us as a society is booked in for that day. Awaiting confirmation from club manager.

2. Winter Competition – League or Eclectic. The committee discussed the merits of both however, it was considered that the League was the best option until we know how the greens will stand up through the winter. For an eclectic to be successful all greens need to be played whereas the League can be played on temporary greens. So league has it for this coming winter. Sec to programme and record scores.

3. Hole in One Assurance at Inter Club Matches - After much discussion it was decided that, with agreement of the Treasurer, that the assurance at both home and away inter club matches provided by the Seniors Section will amount to paying for wine on each table to enable all team members, home and away, to take a drink with the successful player. Should the player have his own insurance and wish to celebrate by paying for further drinks that is the members’ prerogative.
















Treas as/if needed


Treasurers Report:

Bank Balance £3586  Cash held £213  Net £3799

Member liabilities £782

Balance stands at £3017 of which £759 is Captains Charity monies.

Overall percentage pay out of Entrance fees to prize pot is 70% over past 3 months.

The treasurer and assistant assured the committee that the spreadsheet of competition entry fees, prizes and funds are currently up to date.






Media & Marketing Members Report (Stood Down from committee for personal reasons)




Seniors Open 2022 : List stands at 18 visitors at the moment about same as last year.

Intend to open HDID booking after the meeting today if ok with all.

Mr Tilbrook to be informed through Club Manager that this event will revert to usual level.

Course prep – Nearest Pin & Straightest Drive info? Home/Away  - Greens & Sec

Registration- Treasurer and Assistant

Raffle – Dave Allen & Joh Nash

Starter – Ladies section to be approached

Half Way House - Lady Captain and Heather Allen

Welcome Flyer & available Menu(agree with Mat)

No Two’s – 5 cards drawn to share prize.

Ladies Section to be approached for assistance on the day and the Seniors Section will reciprocate on the Ladies Open Day  on 23rd August.














Birch Ward Trophy. (Charity Event) Planned for 14th June 2022 now 14th July

Expansion delayed after discussion at January meeting until 2023.







Seniors Away Day. (Captain to Lead)

Resounding success and a trip abroad may be planned for next year!




Any Other Business.

 Members Agenda Items. Non raised.







  1. Date of next meeting. To be confirmed



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