Minutes Relating to Looe Golf Club Seniors Annual General Meeting 2020


           1.The secretary (Alan Harmer) opened this meeting, the 32nd and very different version of an AGM of Looe GC Seniors, at             0900hrs with all 5 committee members present and 1 member who happened to be in the club at that time

Apologies were not required as the usual full members invite was not an option due to current social distancing regulations in place because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Committee discussed this anomaly and were satisfied that protocol regarding Notice of AGM, Nominations for Officers and Committee Members, Agenda Item Requests and the Agenda had been published and made available to all members in good time previous to the meeting with ample time for members to respond. Also the reports of Officers of the Committee had been published by email as an alternative to verbal reports usually made during the meeting and Minutes would be produced and published via the Seniors Web Pages. A vote was taken and a unanimous decision made that in these unusual circumstances the meeting should proceed.


           2.Minutes and Matters.

Last year’s minutes were made available to all through the Seniors Web Pages.  Bryan Sibley proposed that they were an accurate record of the discussion and was seconded by Dave Allen.


3. Matters Arising 2018


Birch Ward – Secretary stated that the only ongoing issue was that of the Birch Ward Trophy. Last year it was the intention to expand to all club members over 55 years of age but Covid had prevented any planning for this event so plans were shelved for this year. However, should conditions allow this will be given priority for next year.


4. Outgoing Captains Report

           Available  Click Here


           5. Treasurers Report.

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6. Secretarys Report.

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Post report discussion regarding matches next year should we not be able to have post-match meals. It was decided that we should try and arrange reciprocal matches on a reduced green fee basis instead of the cost of the food.


7.  Appointments of Officers and Committee Members


                Captain -Dave Allen – No alternative nomination received. 

                Bryan Sibley – No alternative nomination received.

                Treasurer: Simon Walker – No alternative nomination received.

                Secretary - Alan Harmer - No alternative nomination received.

                Assistant Treasurer: Position of post holder to be confirmed by Secretary.

                Co-opted members x two Brian Clark - No alternative nomination received. 

                All of the above accepted onto the committee as no other nominations forthcoming.

                One vacancy still exists for a second co-opted member, the committee intend to actively recruit another keen senior                           golfer.

               The Captain proposed a huge Vote of Thanks to Angus Holland who is standing down from his Role of Treasurer to                         pursue interests in fields further from here after 7 years of counting our sheckles!The Captain and all members wish                         Angus every happiness in his future ventures and we hope he will come back and visit us in the near future. Angus                           thanked all members for their support during his extended term in office.


            8. Members Proposals Lodged for Discussion.

            Proposer Roger Jones. Seconded Norman Taylor.  Proposal is that all Seniors competitions be played off the Yellow Tees.

Committee Response: As your committee we are compelled to democratically run and manage our section with the best interest of the majority of our members and this topic has been raised at many AGM’s and is often the topic of discussion at gatherings of members of the seniors section.  You may recall that before the 2019 AGM a survey of the members was carried out and the results published in the Minutes of the 2019 AGM, available here  Click Here. It was highlighted that a vote at AGM will only canvas about 30% of the members and so it would really be unsuitable to make a major change for all members to endure on such a small percentage. The survey carried out canvassed over 90% of the membership and was therefore more reliable than a vote at AGM. The committee then agreed that to ensure that we remain carrying out the wishes of the majority a survey would become an annual event with the Functional Manual listing this as a responsibility of the secretary. Now that we have a committee in place for 2021 their first task will be to complete that survey and report results back to the Proposer and all members.


9. The Secretary pointed out that should there be strong disagreement by members to the process or content of this meeting the remedy is at Para 6.2 of the Functional Manual. He then closed the meeting at 0925hrs.

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