Seniors Committee Meeting 


Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting Minutes for 27th June 2023


In Attendance: Simon Walker (Capt), A Harmer (Sec), Dave Moore (V Capt & Treas), Andy Deeprose (Asst Treas), Brian Clark (Past Capt), Dave Allen, Bryan Sibley, John Grist.

Apologies - Nil


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address:  The Captain welcomed the members of the Committee and mentioned several successful events including the Xmas lunch, Ashbury Awaydays and, in particular, the Seniors Quiz Night. The quiz raised over £700 for the Give A Child A Chance charity thanks to a very kind donation by Chrissy Clacey on behalf of Microsoft.

Simon informed the Committee that the Home visit to Looe by Borringdon Park Seniors, unfortunately, has been cancelled to accommodate the Wake of our clubs’ long-standing Pro’s late Father. The Seniors condolences are with Barry and his family on their sad loss.

Alternatives for this day are being looked into.

Decision. Sec to rearrange the home match with Borringdon.










Minutes of the last Meeting (Sec)

Agreed true representation of the meeting discussions.

Proposer    Dave Moore                                     Second: Bryan Sibley




Matters Arising (Sec)

The Sec pointed out that one item has yet to be fulfilled. It was requested at the last meeting that more medal competitions from the yellow tees are played. It was agreed that this should be trialled this coming Thursday and if possible, included in the Summer Eclectic trial.







Secs Report. 

1. Fixtures: Borringdon cancellation was discussed previously.

2. E-mail received from Launceston with next year's proposed dates and news that they are also struggling to fulfil match requirements and have asked for nominations from the clubs they play to consider cutting down to one game per year, home one year and away the next.

Decision.  Captains to discuss at our coming match day at Launceston.

3. The Sec reported that he had agreed with our club manager that visiting teams would be allowed to use buggies at member’s rates on the agreement that away clubs would reciprocate when we visit them. This may go some way to assist in team numbers in future.

Decision Sec to email all clubs' Senior secretaries to try to arrange reciprocal events.

Discussion also took place as to whether, if insufficient Senior Section members were available to fulfil fixtures selection for the inter-club friendly matches, selection could be opened up to non-Senior Section club senior members. It was suggested that a way of integrating some of the club senior members may be to have a challenge match between Seniors Section and Mafia/Roll Up players.

Decision: John Grist will ask the Mafia organisers if they would accept the challenge.


















Treasurers Report:  As of 27th June 2023

 1.        FUNDS HELD                                   LIABILITIES

                                                         Members' funds held in ongoing

Bank Balance         £2,519.93          Competitions Account  £1,050.00 

Cash held                £   596.55         Captains Charity           £  476.24                                                

Total Funds Held    £3,116.48          Total Liabilities            £1,526.24       

Leaving a Working Capital  of £1,590.24 (i.e  section funds held but uncommitted)  with projected expected liabilities over the next 3 months of  £510.00


2. Overall percentage payout of Entrance fees to prize pot is 72.33% so far this year.


Decision: for the benefit of the members and the Sec, the Treasurer will attempt to simplify his report.

3. Birch Ward competition made £111.00 for charity, this amount was made up to £150.00 by unanimous agreement of the Committee.










Item now Removed



Seniors Open 2023:

Jobs – Course furniture, scorecards & scores - Sec

Registration/2’s/Raffle Dave Moore & Dave Allen. Andy Deeprose to take over.

Halfway House Heather Allen & Debs Harmer with fun competition.

Offers of cakes from Brian Clarke, Heather Allen, Debs Harmer & Sara Walker.

Prizes, as last year, as prices are the same.






Birch Ward Trophy. (Charity Event) Planned for Thursday 13th June 2024.

To be discussed with the new Captain after the AGM (sept).




Seniors Away Day. (Captain to Lead)

Possible Awayday alternative on 13 July to Yelverton/ Bowood or The Point more info to follow.

Another may be planned during a maintenance week in September

Decision: Captain to arrange.






Any Other Business.

                     No other Business




  1. Date of next meeting. Tuesday 5th September 2023.


 Post-meeting notes:

  1. Borringdon home match rearranged for Tuesday 12th September – club informed!
  2. The MAFIA have declined our offer of a match against the Seniors Section! Maybe concerned that they may be embarrassed! This decision will not prevent the Seniors calling for assistance from club members over 55 to assist in matches when we are short,
  3. Alternative for 13th July is an away day at Yelverton GC.


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