Looe Golf Club Seniors Committee Meeting Minutes 7th November 2023

In Attendance: Dave Moore (Capt), A Harmer (Sec), Andy Deeprose (V Capt & Treas), Simon Walker (Past Capt), Brian Clark, Bryan Sibley,

John Grist.

Apologies - Nil


Discussion and decisions

Action by



Captains Address:  The Captain welcomed the members of the Committee and stated that a good start had been made with inter club and the Ladies friendly. However, next year it must be a priority to confirm the rules well before the day of the competition. At this point the Sec pointed out several ideas that he considered would further enhance the day.

  1. Consider moving matches vs Ladies to more suitable times of the year.
  2. All play off the same tees, game would be far more sociable.

The committee was in agreement and Sec to draft a letter for the Ladies Committee.

The format of play was discussed but it was considered that the majority preferred matchplay.

Decision: Draft a letter to the Ladies Committee with the above suggestions.

The Captain then stated that he would like to increase committee meetings to one per month. After some discussion it was agreed that informal committee meetings, i.e no agenda or minutes required, would be held on a trial basis for 3 months, first meeting 5th December 2023.












Minutes of the last Meeting (Sec)

Agreed true representation of the meeting discussions.

Proposer    Dave Moore                                     Second: John Grist




Matters Arising (Sec)

Several items that had been previously satisfied were mentioned and one outstanding item the Birch Ward expansion will be discussed as an agenda item later.







Secs Report. 

Xmas Lunch & Presentation menu was selected by the committee and all in favour of 2 course turkey or beef and selection of sweets. Subsidy £10 per head & free pint.

Engraving is yet to be completed.

Decision: Provide a list of winners for the Treasurer to enable engraving to be completed.

Looe Seniors Whats App page is now more popular than ever and the Sec suggested that important info such as Comp Draws & results are soon relegated to old news and disappears up the list. The sec suggested another page be produced which can only be viewed by members but not posted to. Committee in full agreement.

Decision: Set up new Whats App page named Looe Seniors Comps & Admin.

Committee briefed on amendments announced to the WHS Rules of Handicapping coming in in April 2024

Decision. Distribute email received to all committee.

Sec has been in discussion with Seniors Captain at China Fleet Club who would like to bring a team in 2024 to play us with reciprocation in 2025.

Decision: Attempt to seek a suitable date to play China Fleet at Looe 2024.

















Treasurers Report:

As of 6th November  -                 Bank          £2400.44

                                                   Cash held     £367.20

                                                    Total          £2767.44.


Member competition acc                                £842

Captains Charity funds                                   £169

Therefore Section Total funds stand at     £1756.44

The overall percentage payout of Entrance fees to the prize pot is 71.38% so far this year.

24 members are now paid up for 2024.



  1. Collect Seniors Annual subscription fees from all members.
  2.  Review Treasurers TOR’s in Functional Manual to ensure their validity and that the content is applicable or if a rewrite is required.


















Seniors Open 2023:

Sec reported that the club has increased Open entry fees for visitors for 2024 to £18. Fees for members will remain at £6.

The committee agreed that, at present, no functional changes for the day are required for 1st August 2024.







Birch Ward Trophy. (Charity Event) Planned for Thursday 13th June 2024.

The committee agreed to expand to the whole club with a possible mixed-tee event with both men and ladies playing in the same competition.

Decision: The captain to approach club Sec to discuss





Seniors Away Day. (Captain to Lead)

Bowood subsidy provisionally agreed at £15 per head regardless of whether one day visit or overnight.






Any Other Business.






  1. Date of next informal meeting. Tuesday 5th December 2023.





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