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Many thanks for your efforts in completing the survey for this year. The results have highlighted some interesting areas that have prompted the Committee to make some minor tweeks. These may give slightly more pleasure to some members without detracting from the enjoyment of others. All is revealed below!


Question 1

After discussion, the committee has decided that as a large majority of members are content with the current arrangements and any change would not be of benefit to the Seniors Section as a whole. 


Question 2

Committee discussion agreed that Winter League with 2 Divisions appeared to be favoured by the majority of members, however, as support is fairly strong for an eclectic, the committee is considering the feasibility of adding an eclectic over selected competitions throughout the year. Further news to follow shortly.


Question 3

Discussion surrounding the 3 minority responses highlighted that many players do not get to play a round of golf with players of similar handicaps. It was decided that a trial would be undertaken to evaluate the effects of random draws on our golf days, even though the majority are currently content. From February all Monthly Stablefords and Monthly Medals up to and including the September Stableford will be played with totally random draws. 

This is a trial and the effects on play and players will be monitored and appraised at the Seniors AGM.


Question 4

This question was added to look at what methods of communication were actually used by our members with the idea that if one was not being used it could be dropped! As can be seen all are used so they will remain as they are!


Question 5

The Committee have decided that prior to any committment to spend members funds formal approval from the members would be needed through AGM/EGM. However, it may be beneficial to the Committee/Treasurer that a limited spend amount is authorised by the members. This will be discussed as the next AGM. 


Question 6 (Free Text)

How do members wish to spend excess funds held?   28 of 43 Chose not to comment.


LEAGUE TABLE          -          Committee comments

More Away days (received 9 votes)  - Most popular will be considered later in the year!

Reduce Match Fees - Increase Prizes (6 votes) - Prizes increased payout from 65% to 75% approx!

Practice Bunker/Facilities (2 votes) - Club responsibility

Susidise Match Day Meals (2 votes) - would only benefit a minority of members.

More Social Events (2 votes) - Committee happy to hold more - Social Sec required - Any Volunteers?

Group lesson with Barry (1 vote) - more research/discussion and costings required.


*It may be noted that 28 responded but when all votes are totalled more votes exist than members. Some members quoted more than one answer!             


Question 7 (Free Text)

If there was one thing you could change, what would it be? 26 members chose "No Comment"


  • More social events (2 votes)  see Q6     More fun less dictatorial   - More flexiblity required? 

  • Less individual games (1 vote each)       More Singles & Matchplay games - Current Mix agreed ok.

  • Play against all members  Random Draws!   Occasional Roll Up draws - Op BB are Roll Ups 

  • Play against all handicaps  Random draws!   Play Twitches as Non-Qualifiers - Allows Team Qualifiers!

  • Play Earlier/Later in day (1 vote each)  Tee Time availability would be the issue!

  • Pray for better weather and reduce my blobs – beyond committee control!


Please if you have any comments or wish clarification on any part of the survey results contact Senior Sec.

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