Minutes Relating to Looe Seniors AGM 2023


The Chair & Secretary (Alan Harmer) opened the 35th meeting of the Seniors Section at 0905hrs and welcomed the 27 members attending.

Members were asked to stand and offer a short period of applause in memory of Ged O’Donohue a fellow member who passed away earlier this year, and also to remember those members who we have lost in previous years.

  1. Attendance and Apologies

22 members were present, apologies had been received from 12 members.

  1. Minutes and Matters.

Last year’s minutes were made available to all members by email attachment and e-links.   Dave Moore proposed that the Minutes were an accurate record of the discussions from the meeting of the previous AGM, this was seconded by Mark Harrison.

  1. Matters Arising 2022Minutes

Birch Ward – Secretary stated that the Birch Ward Trophy is, again, the only outstanding issue and has now been on the Agenda for several years. COVID and major drainage work on the greens being the reason. Secretary stated this will be completed by next year.

Mark Harrison questioned whether the committee had offered a more balanced programme of events as stated in the Minutes of the AGM 2022.  It was explained that we had tried by considering more team games wherever possible. Scrambles are restricted because of needing an exact number and the WHS has restrictions on individual competitions. It would appear almost impossible to get the balance right. One member stated that he would play elsewhere in the club if we did not play enough qualifiers! Last years survey revealed that over 70% were happy with the current programme.

  1. Outgoing Captains (Simon Walker) Report.  Click here to read
  2. Treasurers (Dave Moore) Report.   Click here to read
  3. Secretary’s (Alan Harmer) Report Click here to read 

        The Secretary pointed out that in the past he had written a passage for the Cornish Times. As his job has escalated he has had to stop this. However, it would be good for the Section to find someone to take this on again. The Committee are actively seeking a budding sports reporter to take on this role. Any volunteers please see a committee member.

  1. Appointments of Officers and Committee Members.
       Captain for 2023/24               Dave Moore

             Vice-Captain 2023/24            Andy Deeprose

       Treasurer:                              Andy Deeprose

       Secretary:                              Alan Harmer - No alternative nomination received.

       Assistant Treasurer:             No nominations

       Media and Marketing:         No  nominations

       Co-opted members x three: John Grist, Brian Clark & Bryan Sibley

All nominees above were accepted unanimously by vote.

         Past Captain                          Simon Walker


  New Seniors  Captain Address   Click here to read



  1. Members Proposals Lodged for Discussion.

Item 1. Proposal by Ian Kirwan, Seconded by John Grist.  

In the absence of Ian Kirwan, John Grist presented the proposal that the Seniors Section part fund the use of buggies at away matches. He stated that this may help with team numbers and, as many clubs are charging £30 or more, would make away matches more affordable  to players in need a buggy.

The Secretary presented an example of how much this was likely to cost the Section.


At this years prices

We have 12 away matches. If one person uses a buggy at all 12 and assuming the cost of the buggy is £30 with the player paying £15 the cost to the Section is a maximum of £180.


After discussion the proposal to the meeting was amended to read: Proposal is that the Seniors Section Funds subsidise the use of buggies at inter-club away matches for those players who, for health reasons, need to use a buggy. Each buggy user would contribute £15 with the Section funding the remainder of the cost.

The validity for use of the buggy will be at the Team Captains discretion.


Votes 21 for,  1 against, proposal accepted on a trial for one year. 

  1. Meeting closed at 1010 hrs - Date of next meeting 26th September 2024.
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